• June 17, 2024
Turning Off Auto Swipe on Instagram

The auto-swipe on Instagram is a feature that has been a bit of a mixed bag for users. While it can be convenient for some, others find it annoying and distracting.

If you’re one of those users who wants to regain control over your Instagram experience, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to turn off auto swipe on Instagram and enjoy a more seamless scrolling experience.

Ways to Turn Off the Auto Swipe on Instagram

There are a few simple steps to turn off the auto-swipe feature on Instagram. By accessing your account settings and navigating to the Story Controls section, you can easily disable auto-advance.

a) Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram By Enabling Data Saver Mode 

Users of the Instagram mobile app can manage how much data they use while using the service thanks to the Data Saver Mode feature.

By limiting the background content load, this option lowers the amount of data used.

Since the content is not loaded, the app does not automatically swipe through posts. The actions listed below can be used to activate Instagram’s data-saving mode:

  • Open the “Instagram App” on your Android.
Open the Instagram App on your Android  to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram
  • Then, click on your “Profile icon”.
Then, click on your Profile icon to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram
  • The “Hamburger icon” can be tapped in the top right corner.
Tap on the Hamburger icon at the top right corner to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram
  • Then, tap on the “Settings and Privacy” tab.
Then, tap on the Settings and Privacy tab to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram
  • Select “Data Usage and Media Quality” from the “App and Media” section by scrolling down and tapping it.
  • Here, turn on the toggle next to “Data Saver”

Turning Off Auto Swipe on Instagram can be done by enabling data saver mode.

b) Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram By Using The Desktop Version Of Instagram

If you prefer using Instagram on your desktop and want to disable the auto-swipe feature, there’s a simple workaround.

Unlike the mobile app, the desktop version of Instagram doesn’t have an auto-swipe function.

By accessing Instagram through your web browser, you can enjoy a more manual scrolling experience. Posts and stories stay put until you decide to move on.

This method is ideal for those who find auto swipe frustrating and prefer a more controlled browsing experience on their computers.

Simply visit Instagram’s website, log in to your account, and enjoy a hassle-free scrolling experience without auto-swipe interruption.

Reasons to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram

a) Control Over Your Feed:

One of the primary reasons to disable the auto swipe feature on Instagram is to regain control over your feed.

Auto swipe can make your feed move rapidly, often leading to unintentional skips past posts and stories.

By turning it off, you can take your time to savor the content and ensure you don’t miss anything important.

b) Data Conservation:

Auto swipe consumes more data as it preloads images and videos. For users on limited data plans, this can lead to unexpected data overages.

Disabling auto swipe is an effective way to manage your data usage and avoid excessive charges.

c) Prevent Accidental Skips:

Auto swipe increases the likelihood of accidentally skipping over posts or stories you intended to view. This can be frustrating, especially when you want to engage with content from your favorite accounts.

d) Enhanced Engagement:

Manual scrolling through your feed allows for more intentional engagement. You can take the time to like, comment, and interact with posts, fostering better connections with friends and accounts you follow.

e) Tailored Experience:

Turning off auto swipe gives you the opportunity to personalize your Instagram experience. You can curate your feed and spend more time on the content that aligns with your interests and preferences.

f) Improved Focus:

By disabling auto swipe, you can reduce distractions and keep your attention on the content you choose to view.

Leading to a more mindful and enjoyable experience on Instagram.

Turning off the auto swipe feature on Instagram offers numerous advantages, including better control, data savings, prevention of accidental skips, enhanced engagement, a tailored experience, reduced rush, and improved focus.

It’s a simple adjustment that can significantly enhance your Instagram browsing experience.

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Reception For Auto Swipe Or Auto-Scroll

The reception for auto swipe or auto scroll on social media platforms like Instagram is a mixed bag. While some users appreciate the convenience of having content automatically advance, others find it intrusive and disruptive to their browsing experience.

Advocates argue that auto swipe allows for faster consumption of content, especially stories, making it convenient for users on the go.

However, critics point out that it can lead to accidental skips and may discourage meaningful engagement with posts.


Instagram is constantly evolving to enhance user experience, and sometimes features like auto swipe can be a hit or miss for users.

Fortunately, Instagram understands the need for customization, and turning off auto swipe is a simple process that puts control back in your hands.

Now you can enjoy a more relaxed and deliberate browsing experience on this popular social media platform.

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