• June 18, 2024
Best Targeting Option With YouTube Ads

In YouTube ads, going from the narrowest targeting to the broadest targeting, you should start off with placements keywords, and topics.

Then I’d say in-market audiences, affinity audiences and you have some custom segment audiences that can be tight or broad depending on how you build them, and ultimately no type of targeting lot of people recommend go starting out with placements.

The Best Targeting Option For A New Account

If I want something that’s kind of targeted in the beginning, I will start out for the most part like starting with keywords, and custom segment campaigns, but based on search terms.

So if you already have a search campaign out there you want to look at what are your best-converting keywords and you want to stick them in there.

The cons of keywords

The cons are a lot of times you’re going to see when you look at the performance of the keywords, you’re going to see a column in a section that says other and you’re gonna.

It’s a whole lot of other things that you don’t know what’s converting what that spend is going you have no control over that. You see that more with max conversions than target CPA bidding.

Cons Of Custom Segment For Search Campaigns

When it comes to thinking about custom segments for search term campaigns, the cons those that those audiences tend to be a little bit more expensive because it all depends on how big your audience is.

Sometimes they don’t even fire for whatever reason while Google will tell you hey you need to put all amount of keywords that will give you a million search queries a month.

I’ve done that I’ve done little sometimes it fires, sometimes it doesn’t.

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Why Broad Audience Is Working With YouTube Ads in 2023

Broad Audience - Best Audience Targeting With YouTube Ads

It is found that with broad audiences you can still get high-quality leads because the algorithm has a much bigger feel to play with and a much bigger feel to choose people from and you’ll get them at much lower CPM and lower costs.

Pros Of The Broad Audiences

Pros Of The Broad Audiences

Honestly what I really love as far as audiences I just like

  • Broad audiences
  • In-market audiences
  • Affinity audiences
  • Testing

These audiences that Google has the pros of using those are that in certain niches you already have an audience built out. So let’s just say you are looking to sell something to people looking to rank there are little annoyances in people looking for rent to rent a house.

Cons Of The Broad Audiences

Cons Of The Broad Audiences
  1. The cons are that it’s very broad and if you don’t have a strong ad, you’re going to have these super high CPC or super low CTR.
  2. The other con is that you have a lot of advertisers bidding against those same audiences.
  3. Another one is certain audiences are just going to be more expensive than others.

Like someone looking for if there’s a market audience for knitting supplies but just using that example it’s going to be cheaper than an audience than someone looking for financial services. Everyone wants people looking for financial services which means they have money. They’re going to spend especially if you are on the make money online niche or anything that requires a large amount of money. So, these are the cons.

Our Pick For YouTube Ads Targeting in 2023

Our Choice Best Audience Targeting With YouTube Ads

But for the most part honestly, I really love using In-market audiences. Because if those hit the scalability there these audiences that have millions of people and it’s just a matter of increasing the budget in a controlled fashion until you can’t push the budget to a point where it’s not profitable but those are my favorite targeting types, for the most part, it’s really.

i) Keywords

ii) Custom segment for search terms

iii) In-market

iv) Affinity campaigns

I do play around with a lot of other custom segment campaigns but I found that even after testing all those things for the most part the stock audiences that will provide do help out and do most of the work.

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