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How to get TikTok Blue Checkmark

Getting a blue checkmark on TikTok is one way for the app to show users that you’re an influential creator with exclusive access. To get verified and receive the coveted blue checkmark on TikTok, you must meet certain criteria.

TikTok states that celebrities, public figures, global brands, and entities, as well as content creators with a strong audience base, can qualify for verification.

In addition to having an established presence on the app, your videos must consistently generate high engagement from viewers in order to be considered for verification.

How To Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok

How to get Blue Checkmark on TikTok
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1. Gather Your Evidence.

You need to build a case for why you should be verified. Start by gathering evidence that outlines your influence and reach in the form of screenshot collages or social media analytics reports such as your reach, weekly impressions, and follower growth rate.

The more credible proof you can demonstrate of your reach, engagements, and active followers, the better!

2. Have an Established Presence on the Platform.

To create a verified profile, you must have an established presence on the platform. This means your profile must be Public and should include a clear profile picture and bio.

You’ll also want to upload engaging content that is unique to the platform, with your videos gaining significant engagement from users.

That includes likes, comments, and shares. Having an established presence creates more opportunities for the TikTok team to review verification requests from established accounts.

3. Stay Active on TikTok with Regular Posts and Interactions.

To make a great impression and earn the official blue checkmark, it is essential to keep your profile active.

Post regularly, engage with viewers and other TikTok users in the comments, share lookalike or duet videos, and use hashtags to maximize reach.

If you have run out of ideas for content, start researching trending topics on social media platforms like Twitter or InfluencerDB that could jumpstart some creative ideas.

4. Make Your Content Engaging and Creative.

Posting interesting and engaging videos is one of the key elements to getting a blue checkmark on TikTok.

Whether you are making tutorials, lip-sync or dance videos, or challenge videos, it’s important to stand out from the millions of other users by creating content that is both creative and sharable.

For example, you can include special effects like slow-motion scenes, captions, and music in your videos to make them more appealing to viewers.

5. Gather More Followers, Likes, and Comments on Your Videos.

Growing your audience on TikTok is essential for getting more recognition and the blue checkmark. To increase the number of followers likes, and comments on your videos, make sure you are consistent with posting content and that it is entertaining and easy to watch.

Sharing posts regularly, following influencers in your field of interest, creating meaningful conversations with people commenting on your videos, and being creative with challenges can all help you get the attention you need.

Additionally, post at peak times when viewers are most likely to be online.

6. Double-Check Your Account Settings.

An essential part of preparing for a successful verification application is ensuring that all of your account settings are in order.

Double-check that links to your other social media profiles, as well as links to your personal website or blog, are all correctly listed on your profile.

Additionally, make sure that you’re using the same handle on all channels and updating regularly with high-quality content—if it’s not up to par with your previous postings, TikTok might think twice about blessing you with a blue checkmark.

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What to Expect After Growing for a Blue Checkmark on TikTok.

After you’ve established your good presence on TikTok, TikTok will check if all of your account settings and information are correct.

You’ll be notified via email if you’ve been successfully verified or if there’s a problem that needs to be corrected.

Once you have confirmed to be successful, you can start enjoying the verified perks like personalized support and VIP access to the newest beta tools!

Everything You Need to Know About Getting the Blue Checkmark on TikTok You could become an officially verified TikTok user with a blue checkmark! 

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