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TikTok comments filter is an amazing tool to filter offensive and spammy comments. It is a useful feature to create a more engaging creative experience with TikTok followers.

With millions of users around the world, TikTok is a highly popular social media platform. TikTok users can create and share short-form videos with others. TikTok has become a hub for entertainment, creativity, and self-expression.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to sort through all the comments. And it is also difficult to find relevant or important comments for you.

In this article, I will show you how to filter comments on TikTok to make your experience on the platform more enjoyable.

What are filter comments on TikTok?

The most powerful built tool is the Filter comments available on TikTok. With the help of this feature, you can moderate comments. You can filter out any unwanted or unhelpful ones and delete them.

Before filtering the comments, you need to know the different types of comments on TikTok that you can receive. You can also receive negative or spammy comments from other users on TikTok.

So to see only the comments that are important to you, you need to change the settings of your TikTok account,

Why should you use the TikTok filter feature?

TikTok comments filter feature can be used to make a safe, enjoyable, and positive experience with the audience.

Additionally, it can help ensure that all the feedback you receive is constructive and meaningful. It blocks spammy comments and words in nature.

How To Filter Comments on TikTok

One way to filter comments on TikTok is to use the built-in feature. It is the built-in feature that TikTok provides on the App.

The comment filter can be found in the settings section of your TikTok account. You can choose to filter all comments. The comments will be hidden unless you approve them.

You can also filter spam and offensive comments. You can choose to hide comments that contain certain keywords, or from specific users.

This feature is especially useful to review filtered comments. TikTok approves only the comments that you approve. In addition to using filters, other strategies also can be used to manage comments on TikTok.

For example, you can choose to only allow comments from users who you follow. You can also choose “No one” can comment on your videos and stories.

This will help you avoid comments from users who are not in your network and who may be negative or spammy.

Filtering comments on TikTok

  • Open TikTok App on your device
  • Tap ‘’Profile’’ located at the lower right corner of the TikTok app. This will open your TikTok Profile page.
  • Tap ”three lines” present in the upper right corner.
  • Tap ‘Settings and Privacy’’.
  • Tap the “Privacy’’ tab on the settings and privacy page.
  • Scroll down to the ”Interactions section”.
  • Tap ‘’Comments’’ in the interactions section of the Privacy page.
  • Tap the ‘Filter all comments’’ tab.
  • This will hide all the recent comments. The comments will not be posted unless you approve them. Keep in mind that you can make these settings only 5 times a day.

How To Block Specific Comments on TikTok

  • Open TikTok App on your device
  • Tap ‘’Profile’’ located at the lower right corner of the TikTok app. This will open your TikTok Profile page.
  • Tap ”three lines” present in the upper right corner.
  • Tap ‘Settings and Privacy’’.
  • Tap the “Privacy’’ tab on the settings and privacy page.
  • Scroll down to the ”Interactions section”.
  • Tap ‘’Comments’’ in the interactions section of the Privacy page.
  • Tap the ‘Filter all comments’’ tab.
  • Tap “Filter spam and offensive comments” in the comments filter section of the comments settings page.

By turning it on, TikTok will hide spammy and offensive comments. The comments will not be shown under your posts unless you approve them.

How To Block Keywords in Comments on TikTok

Here you can filter the comments with specific words. The comments will not be shown in the comments section unless you approve them. Again first follow step 8.

Tap the ”toggle to turn on the settings to filter keywords”.

You need to add all the keywords that you want to block. In this way, the comments with your added words will be blocked.

How To Turn Off Filter Comments on TikTok

To Turn off the comments, you need to follow the above procedure of up to 8 steps. After you have opened the Comments page, you need to tap the toggle to turn off all the settings.

You can turn off three settings.

i) Turn off “Filter all comments“.

ii) Turn off “Filter spam and offensive comments“.

iii) Turn off “Filter keywords”.

In this way, you can turn off filter comments on TikTok.

How To See Filtered Comments on TikTok

To see filtered comments on TikTok,

Tap “Review filtered comments” in the Comments Management section of the Comments Page.

This will open a new window and there you can see all filtered comments.

How To Remove Filtered Comments on TikTok

The filtered comments can be removed by visiting the “Review filtered comments” page. Here you can approve or delete the filtered comments also.

How To Approve Filtered Comments on TikTok

You can approve the filtered comments on the “Review filtered comments” page. You need to approve only the comments that are important and matter to you.

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Best Practices For Using The TikTok Comments Filter

TikTok comments filters should be used cautiously and carefully. Decide what words you want to filter out before activating your account’s filter settings.

It is also important to remember that by utilizing the filter feature, you might inadvertently block out valid comments.

You need to approach this feature with an understanding of how its settings work. This can help you better manage your page on TikTok.

Finally, it’s important to remember that you are in control of your TikTok experience. You have the ability to choose what you see and what you don’t see on the platform.


In conclusion, filtering comments on TikTok can be an effective way to manage the comments that you receive on TikTok.

By using filters and other strategies, you can make sure that you only receive comments that are relevant and important to you.

So if you want to filter out the comments that don’t matter to you and focus on the ones that do, start using these tips today!


Does TikTok Filter Comments?

Yes, TikTok can filter the comments if you allow TikTok to filter the comments by making the necessary settings. Open the TikTok app. Tap ‘Profile’’. Tap three lines. Tap ‘Settings and Privacy’’. Tap “Privacy’’. Tap ‘Comments’’. Here you can make necessary settings and TikTok will filter the comments on the basis of your settings.

Can You Filter Comments On TikTok?

Yes, you can filter out the comments on TikTok. By following the above steps, the comments on TikTok videos can be filtered easily.

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